Graphics by Rena DeBortoli and Meghan Sandelli.

Sample email. Web version viewable here.

Aaand we’re off! #skullcraft16 #designinct #aigact

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Gorgeous work in progress! #skullcraft16 #AIGACT #DesigninCT

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Awesome work, everyone! #DesigninCT #AIGACT

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The Skull Craft Social is an annual event held by AIGA Connecticut each October. Participants sign up for a papier-mâché skull decorating contest in which we provide all of the decorating supplies, as well as appetizers. This is one of our most popular social events.


The concept for these graphics were created by Rena DeBortoli and expanded on by Meghan Sandelli. I coordinated with Meghan and our sponsorship director to develop a suite of assets necessary for easy promotion across platforms. I was also responsible for crafting basic copy, configuring and monitoring registration, setting up and designing an email campaign, developing our marketing strategy, promoting and covering the event on social media, and reporting on profits. I chose to share photos from the previous year as part of our promotions, both to give guests an idea of what to expect, as well as to appeal to the many return guests we get each year.


  • Client: AIGA Connecticut
  • Responsibilities: Registration, copy, email, web, social media
  • Software: Mailchimp, eTouches, Hootsuite, WordPress
  • Graphics: Rena DeBortoli, Meghan Sandelli
  • Year: 2016

Method & Results

  • Emails: 2
  • Tweets: 12
  • Facebook posts: 9
  • Live posts: 5
  • Attendance: 42/35 (sold out, additional seating added)