Graphics by Suzanne McKenzie.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: U HART is closing early, so our event tonight will be postponed. Date TBD.

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This was the second event in AIGA Connecticut’s Social Impact series, which focuses on social enterprise and community building. We invited AIGA Medalist and SVA professor Cheryl Heller to discuss how to affect change at a greater level and find fulfillment through design work. This event was originally scheduled to occur in April, but had to be postponed due to an unexpected snowstorm.


The graphics for this campaign were created by Suzanne McKenzie. I coordinated with her and our sponsorship director to develop a suite of assets necessary for easy promotion across platforms. I was also responsible for crafting basic copy, configuring and monitoring registration, setting up and designing an email campaign, developing our marketing strategy, promoting and covering the event on social media, and reporting on profits. When we decided that the event had to be postponed, I was responsible for posting on our social channels, as well as emailing all registered guests. When we established a new date for the event, I emailed previous guests and used Google Forms to determine who was still available and interested. I then issued refunds to those who could not attend before promoting to our general membership. The strategy for marketing this event included heavily incorporating #designforgood, a national AIGA initiative, and leveraging existing video footage of Heller in both email and social campaigns.


  • Client: AIGA Connecticut
  • Responsibilities: Registration, copy, email, web, social media
  • Software: Mailchimp, eTouches, Hootsuite, WordPress
  • Graphics: Suzanne McKenzie
  • Year: 2016

Method & Results

  • Emails: 6
  • Tweets: 15
  • Facebook posts: 12
  • Live posts: 1
  • Attendance: 93/205