Graphics by InVision. Adapted by Keisha Croxton.

Sample email. Web version viewable here.


For the first event of our 2016–2017 board term, AIGA Connecticut held a dual screening of the film Design Disruptors by InVision. We chose the cities of Hartford and Danbury to make the event an accessible after-work drive four our two biggest membership demographics. The film showcases the InVision software, but, on a larger scale, connects with leading designers and creatives to discuss how their teams push the boundaries of existing user experience.


The screenings of this film had to be arranged through InVision, and they provided concept graphics and the assets necessary to replicate those graphics for many platforms. I worked with a graphic designer to develop a suite of materials for cross-channel promotion. We were also required by InVision to use the registration software nvite to manage invitations, so I integrated that with our existing registration software, eTouches. InVision also sent us movie trailers and suggested copy, which we were allowed to use as we saw fit. I wrote the copy used in our social postings, developed and executed a social strategy, built and scheduled HTML emails, updated the website, configured and monitored registration, and live posted during the event.

My strategy for promoting this event was largely to incorporate as many of the provided materials as possible (for example, embedding a trailer in our emails). I also sought out and shared independent reviews and praise of the film to help generate hype. While the Hartford screening of the event filled up immediately, the registration in Danbury lagged. We ultimately transferred several of our allotted licenses to the Hartford event, pulling roughly 25 people in off a waitlist, and employed paid Facebook advertising to meet the more modest goal of 50 guests in Danbury. I built both the custom audience and the paid advertising campaign for this effort, quadrupling our promotional reach and securing an additional 18 guests.


  • Client: AIGA Connecticut
  • Responsibilities: Registration, copy, email, web, social media
  • Software: Mailchimp, eTouches, nvite, Hootsuite, WordPress
  • Graphics: InVision, Keisha Croxton
  • Year: 2016

Method & Results

  • Emails: 2
  • Tweets: 9
  • Facebook posts: 6
  • Live posts: 1
  • Attendance: 160/180