Signage with new logo

Signage with new logo

New logo

New logo

Initial logo concepts

A possible logo with a more masculine presence

An alternate logo inspired by Manya’s old branding

Manya’s old logo and signage


Salon owner Manya Vumback wanted a logo revamp in honor of the reopening of her business. Manya’s previous logo was well-designed, but slightly dated and very wide. Manya initially wanted to work with a logo evocative of her old branding, but became open to a new identity during the process.


I wanted to embody the spirit of upscale European branding with this logo—something that would help women to feel like a trip to her salon is a real luxury. With that in mind, I chose a clean font with variable weights and focused on airy spacing and alignment. For an extra graphic touch, I embedded the V, Manya’s second initial, above the M.


  • Client: Manya Vumback
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator
  • Services: Logo Design
  • Year: 2017