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From 2013–2016, I taught at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts in the Creative Writing and Media Arts department. The school itself is a high-need high school for children interested in the arts, with approximately 50% of students attending from the city of Hartford. After more than 30 years, the school has won numerous awards, and is consistently ranked among the best magnets in the country. As an alum of the Creative Writing program, I felt strongly that I wanted to give back to the school that so strongly impacted my life, so returned to teach after completing my Master’s.


Each year I was at the Academy, I taught seven classes, including: blogging, animation, metrical poetry, poetry workshop, animation, graphic and web design, and school newspaper. Included are samples of work students produced in some of my classes. While I provided support to students in the way of tutorials and technical questions, they were responsible for the quality of all completed works and were encouraged to collaborate to help one another (especially when editing the school newspaper).


  • Software: Adobe Flash, Adobe InDesign
  • Year: 2016